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I am a multi-ethnic actress, writer, producer (African American father and Jewish mother) with an Anthropology degree from Yale University.  I have lived in New York, Houston, and Los Angeles and have family ties to Detroit.  

My entertainment career began early when I started playing the violin at the age of three. Musical theater and dance followed shortly thereafter, then straight theater, and now film! 

As an artist I relate deeply to society's underdogs and look to add these types of characters to everything I perform and write.

Creating my own work is also very important to me.  It gives me an artistic voice and allows me to be a true part of this wonderful industry!  I am currently writing and producing a dark comedy about bickering half-sisters as well as writing an updated Murder She Wrote with a modern twist with my writing partner.

Thank you for visiting my website!  Let's work together! 

About Me: Bio
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